How To Make Money From Parked Domains .

Learn How You Can Start Making On The Average, $200 Per Month, From Your Parked Domain Names By Driving Traffic To It!

Training Coming Soon. Come Back Again.

Training Coming Soon. Come Back Again:

Learn How You Can Be Making Over $200 Per Month From Your Parked Domains By Driving Traffic To It!

Have you ever been to a site, not popular sites like facebook or google or amazon or any other big brand site, but instead, a site that doesn't have any webpages built into it, just a regular domain site, e.g or any other domain site you can think right the top of your head, and instead of seeing a blank page or a "404 ERROR" page, you meet a single page on the domain site that has adverts displayed on them?

Sure you have. Now, the funny thing is... the person who bought the domain name didn't write a single piece of code for the webpage displayed on the domain site. Yes! What you see displayed on the empty domain site is as a result of the domain name being parked by an advertiser.

Hi everyone, Chigozie O Asianya here (Domain trading business coach & Consultant). This is me during my last international trip. Welcome aboard this training. In this training, you're going to learn how to park your domain name with SEDOPARKING, which registrar to install the nameserver, and how to make money from your parked domain names.

First, what is an advertisers?

An advertiser is a service provided by your registrar or your domain marketplace like SEDO which displays adverts on your empty domain name without you putting up any webpage of your own when you park your domain name with their nameservers. This is how advert pages shows up on these empty domain sites you visit.

This is called domain parking, and how money is made from domain parking is by driving high quality traffic to your parked domain site and having those people click on any link on the ad page. The more people click on the links displayed on your parked domain, the more money you're going to make!

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Some Points To Note.

You can make a whole lot of money from your parked domain names even without selling off the domain. Especially if you're buying the domain name and keeping it to gain in value over time. instead of the domain sitting idly, the best approach to keeping the domain name useful is by parking it.

The quickest way to grow the value of your domain name is by parking it, because an ad displayed domain site is far better than a blank page or a 404 ERROR page. The more pleasing the page the more easier it is for people to remember your domain name and the more traffic you're going to get. More traffic = More link clicks = More money, which ultimately leads to your domain name being sold!

Training Coming Soon. Come Back Again:

My Domain Parking Revenue.

Over the past year, i've been able to generate $2,300 from my parked domain names, and i can teach you my winning strategy if you reserve your spot for the training now.

How Do You Know What Nameservers To Use?

For you to start earning from your parked domains, you need to first park it using nameservers. Your registrar at which your domain name was bought offers parking options with their nameservers, but not all registrars can make you earn from parking. Also, to avoid too much technicalities, the best option is to use SEDO's marketplace nameservers to park your domain name.

In this training, i'll be revealing to you exactly the SEDO nameservers to use, so that you can use that specific nameserver to park your domain name and most importantly, earn from it!


In this training, you're going to learn how to park your domain names using SEDO nameservers and earn profitably from your parked domains! This training include:

Level 1: Listing your domain for sale & setting the price. (Value: $20)

Level 2: Instant lifetime access to my 4 parked domain training video courses where i reveal the hot secrets to parked domain earnings! (Value: $30)

Level 3: Premium insider access. (Value: $35)

Level 4: Driving traffic to your parked domain. (Value: $80)

That's not all for the training! You also stand to get these bonuses if you act now:

Premium Access: You'll gain premium access to our Whatsapp Domain millionaire mentorship group. (Value: $100)

Tips And Tricks: You'll get the Hacks, Tips & Tricks that will put you on the path to your first millions. (Value: $90)

1 Year Private Coaching: I'll be your Mentor, Guide and Coach throughout the process for 1 year and reveal to you, my fail-proof secrets i use to rake in massive incomes from parked domains. (Value: $100)

Once you complete your purchase for the training, DM us the private unique code at the confirmation page of this website to get exclusive access to our mentorship circle.

Earning from parked domains has been one of the most hidden goldmines and only a handful of people are actually making a fortune from it. So in this training i'm going to show you exactly how other traders & myself are actually "killing" it!

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Training Coming Soon. Come Back Again:

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