How To Apply For SEDO Homepage Showcase.

Discover How You Can Apply For The SEDO Homepage Showcase Advertising Option And List Your Domain Name For Up To $10,000 As The Sales (Buy Now) Price!

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Let Me Show You How You Can List Your Domain Name For $10,000 And Sell It As A Fixed Buy Now Price On The SEDO Homepage Showcase!

SEDO Homepage Showcase is one of the advertising platforms provided by SEDO as a way for marketing your domain name on the SEDO network. Once you've applied for the homepage showcase, your domain name would appear on the showcase box on the landing page of sedo's website, thus, giving your domain name maximum visibility.

Hello and welcome everyone. In this training, i'm going to be showing you how to apply for the SEDO Homepage Showcase and how to use the platform to your maximum advantage, thus giving your domain name a winning chance at being sold.

In the Homepage Showcase, your domain name is listed with other domain names in the first box of the SEDO website landing page and each of these domains listed in the showcase gets a rotational visibility of 10seconds. After that, the next batch gets the same 10seconds rotational view... So on and so forth.

The Homepage Showcase is themed one of the best advertising platforms to market your domain name with, as this advertising service runs your domain name for 30 days! Thus, giving your domain name 30 days of undiluted visibility to buyers scouring through the SEDO network! Unlike auctions which only lasts for 7 days.

Some Points To Note.

SEDO Homepage Showcase and SEDOMLS premium goes hand-in-hand. As it is usually adviced that when applying for the Homepage Showcase, you need to activate SEDOMLS premium.

The case being that, once your Homepage Showcase is approved and you've activated the SEDOMLS premium, the SEDOMLS premium further boosts your visibility outside the SEDO network, thus, showing your domain name further to SEDO'S over 650+ private advertising networks, hence giving your domain name a momentous boost at being sold!

Advantage Of Using The Sedo Homepage Showcase.

There are a whole bunch of advantages in using the SEDO Homepage Showcase, but these we believe are the best reasons to use the Homepage Showcase.

Why You Should Use The Homepage Showcase:

Applying isn't streneous as your application would be approved instantly.

There is no vetting process needed for your domain from SEDO's staff.

You pay a one time fee of EUR69 for your application.

Once approved, your ad runs for 30 days.

Your domain names begins to get thousands of offer views and bids.


In this course you're going to learn how to use the SEDO Homepage Showcase advertising option in giving your domain name the best chances possible at being sold! This training include:

Course 1: Applying for SEDO Homepage Showcase.

Course 2: Promoting your Homepage Showcase by driving traffic.

Applying for the SEDO Homepage Showcase is one of the best and highest chances you can ever give your domain name at being sold! Get the full course today!

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RETAIL PRICE: ₦20k [Save 50%!]

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